New plant dad

So, as I said in the last post. I am new to this whole plant thing. About four months ago our family pulled up our roots in Texas and moved to New York City for my wife to take on the role as bread winner and start up her medical residency. While I transition to taking care of the children and learning all about home schooling. I also working on myself and doing a career switch to software development.

One day in Trader Joe's I picked up a Rosemary plant. It's one of my favorite herbs and would look great on the windowsill. So, I brought it home, put it in a new pot and started caring for it. I really was enjoying caring for this little herb. It smelled so good too. Suddenly I found myself surfing the web looking at houseplant stuff.

The Rosemary that started it all.

The Rosemary that started it all.

I'm not exactly sure what happened, but one day I stumbled upon tillandsia (airplants) while I was surfing around the web. They seemed interesting, there wasn't a requirement for a pot, soil, or much of anything and they were small. Next thing I knew I was on Amazon ordering a few. While I was waiting for them to arrive, I got my hands on some Thyme seeds and started a little grow project with my girls.

The tillandsias arrived and they really were beautiful little guys. Now I wanted bigger ones. So, I ordered a Xerographica, Cereicola, and Seleriana. Why I waited for them to arrive I found some Mint my wife bought at the store sitting in the fridge. I wondered what would happen if I threw one of these in a glass of water.

Things are really picking up now. I have a small Snake Plant, Christmas Cactus, Pothos Marble Queen, a little Fiddle Leaf Fig, and a beautiful Maranta. Of course, I have already ordered a ZZ plant, Tineke Rubber Tree, and a Medallion Calathea which I am awaiting to arrive. I don't see an end in sight.

As you can see things ramped up quick. I am going to have to start pacing myself. Oddly enough I am the plant person, and my wife isn't as interested, if interested at all. So, I will have to be strategic in what future moves I make. I already need to convince her we need a new bookcase in our living room near my east facing window. Now that I think of it, we need one in the dining area also which is my south facing window.

Only time will tell.


Thanks for reading, cheers! Tim Apple

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